About Fishery

Contact Information of Organization Committee

    • Mailing address: Room 919, Building A1, Qiangyou Qinghe New Town, Haidian District, Beijing 100085

    • Hotline: 010-62957288  62957688       Fax: 010-62957691

      Website: www.fisheryshow.com



Scope of Exhibits

  1. Aquatic products and aquatic processed products: fresh, frozen and dried aquatic products; surimi, surimi-based products, canned fish, aquatic flavorings; aquatic food, aquatic snack food and aquatic dietary supplements.

  2. Fishery equipments: equipments for aquiculture, fishing, freshness retaining, freezing, storage and transportation, processing and packaging.

  3. Fingerling, fodder and fishery medicine: high-quality aquatic fry, breeding techniques and equipments; aquatic feed and additives; aquatic disease control, fishery medicine, diagnosis and pathology prevention and treatment technology, inspection and quarantine equipment and technology and aquiculture management technology.

  4. Consultation, certification and logistics services and related technical data, book and audio-video products.

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