Contact Information of Organization Committee

    • Mailing address: Room 919, Building A1, Qiangyou Qinghe New Town, Haidian District, Beijing 100085

    • Hotline: 010-62957288  62957688       Fax: 010-62957691

      Website: www.fisheryshow.com



Participation and Advertising Expenses

1.Booth Charge

Notes: standard booth includes one lintel board, two spotlights, one conference table, two chairs, one 400W/220V outlet; the exhibitor who reserves raw space shall be at its own expense for setting up the booth.(See exhibitors’ manual for details) 

     2.Professional Exposition Proceedings Advertisement

3.Other Advertisements

Notes: The organization committee will also provide the exhibitors with lamp post, door head advertising space, different sizes of wall advertising space and signboards. Please consult the exposition’s organization committee for the specific charge standard.

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