Contact Information of Organization Committee

    • Mailing address: Room 919, Building A1, Qiangyou Qinghe New Town, Haidian District, Beijing 100085

    • Hotline: 010-62957288  62957688       Fax: 010-62957691

      Website: www.fisheryshow.com



The riding route


Take the bus 731, 831, 300, 302 in Liangmahe station;

Take the bus 402, 405, 420, 421, 701, 707, 718, 801, 107 in the agricultural exhibition hall station.

Bus service hotline : (010)96166






Subway Line 10 will take you directly to National Agricultural Exhibition Center. You can transfer to Line 10 at guomao station from Line 1; haidian huangzhuang station from Line 4; huixingxijie nankou station from Line 5; beitucheng station from Line 8; zhichunlu station and shaoyaoju station from line 13



National Agricultural Exhibition Center located at the intersection area of Beijing east third ring road and dongzhimen street, very convenient.

Parking space: 1000 parking spaces are available at National Agricultural Exhibition Center.

Parking fee: 5 RMB /h, Max 40RMB /day (This rate only apply to regular cars )

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